i’m hoping to make this sort of thing (daily writing) a constant in my life. Like I said before in my first post, something inside was telling me to write. Well, I have this amazing new computer that will not fail me-unlike my last battery-dead, no more space, won’t charge device. That being said (or vented rather) what should the topic of the day be… how about freshness? 

I’m adding a poll here to get an idea of what makes you feel fresh? Now, I don’t mean so fresh and so clean, clean. I mean more like: empty, lifted up, weightless, alive, airy, awake, ready, pure?

A lot of things make me feel that way. I’ve been learning more and more everyday how important it is for me to find some tranquility in my day. There is beauty in a quiet, dark, still room. For me, that is. A beauty that allows me to breathe deep and begin a newness that I need.

hoping you find some time to feel fresh. 


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