it happened. it finally happened. it happened to the girl who can’t decide between black vs ultra black, a fashion or medical career, or the best hand soap (to do or not to do antibacterial?)

faith i guess is what you would call it. and a persistent man who refused to give up. a man who knew what he wanted, felt it so deep in his soul that not an ounce of her “i just don’t know” every other month would stop. a love, too. a love is also what did it. an undeniable, these two people who argue like siblings but can’t live without each other, kind of love. who are as different yet, similar as italian mojitos, or teal and aqua. you see, he sees the world quite different than i. in a much more beautiful way. i see a line and he sees an angle. it’s this beauty. it’s hard to describe but, it works…works so beautifully well.

we’ve decided to write together. our thoughts, journey, and new life together.

here it is. and, here we are.



p.s.  i must admit… i always thought this blog would be about me. my thoughts. and really, my questions. i really, REALLY like to ask questions. ask any single one of my friends, they’ll verify. i thought it would be cool to start a blog where i could anonymously get other people’s answers to questions i have. i know, it’s remarkable. well, when i thought of the name (months ago) i secretly hoped we’d be wed soon. and that this could be ours and we’d get to do this whole sharing with the world our story thing. but when he so choicefully decided to wait i, of course, got restless (as i quite frequently do) and decided to do my own thing-all about me, which i also tend to do. so, you’ll see some other posts, from before. when it was just me. i realize now, it’s not. it never was, and also- it’s so much better.




2 thoughts on “betrothed

  1. So happy that my little girl has met her soul Mate and will spend the rest of her life with. May God bless you today and always. I love you Sooo much Jackie ! So proud of you. Pop

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