i forgot to breathe

i mean i don’t know. maybe you had an idea of how it would go, how you would feel, and what it would be like. i thought so, too. then it happens and it’s here and it’s more than you could’ve imagined. i’m engaged. to him. it’s happening. it’s really, really happening. so then, you start planning and thinking and wondering like crazy. cakes, desserts, tents, lights, dresses-ah, dresses and clothes and flowers and who and where and, and, and, and… i just kept thinking. and thinking and thinking. i kind of forgot to sit back and sit. soak. revel. enjoy. breathe. so here, now, i am trying to sit and soak. he’s much better at sitting and soaking.those of you who know us, know that:) i’m a runner, first-place care what everyone thinks, here’s my heart and life for you to see kind of girl. he’s more like, well- not that at all. humble, genuine, and easy-going. he’s a soaker-a very let’s enjoy every moment of this life we’ve been given, deep thinker kind of soaker. and i love that. he helped me to stop, breathe, and soak.

laughing, always.


i will say though, that my running and not breathing helps. i leave for Florida thursday to see my incredible and amazing loving family. and my new family too 🙂 we’ll be confirming our venue, finding the perfect christian louboutins for the dress (screaming inside about this) and looking at flowers and food!  i’m so, so, so stinking excited to get to share in all of the fun with my fam. they mean the WORLD to me. always have.

ahhhh (deep breath), i’m so blessed. and ,i have to say this: when i did breathe. i cried. i cried at how good my God is. i looked around and ALL i saw were blessings. big, fat, huge, easy, & underserving blessings. everything has been so easy. finding a place, a dress (yes I the one who can’t pick anything or decided on anything without a list of pro’s and cons found a dress in a day!), an amazing photographer (jason mize), and so much love i cried. i’ve also been kind of given my dream job and he’s been given favor at his job. WOW! does it get better?!? i don’t know…but, it’s good and i’m soaking it up.


thanks for listening.



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