christian and stuart

    “But who will ever wear such a number of things? There are only two of you?””Oh… as though we were thinking of wearing them! They are not to be worn; they are for the trousseau!” 

    -trousseau in literature

    it appears i am uneducated. but, i totally went along with it. trousseau. i’m building my trousseau…did you know?

    well, i didn’t know what it meant but i was THRILLED to learn about it. simply put, it’s  a tradition from the bride’s family that prepares her for her honeymoon and new days as a wife. prepares in clothing! WHA????????????TTT? yes, please! my mom’s words to me: shopping!

    off we went and seriously had one of the most fun days ever! we started with checking out a beautiful venue in historic ybor city in tampa, then did a fantastic tasting with a potential caterer, and ended with 9 hours (NINE!) of shopping and building la trousseau de jacquelene.

    step one: decide on a shoe. whom to love more: christian, stuart, or fendi?

    next: clothing! which is a great segway and time for me to tell you about shorts. shorts are so hot right now. and there these adorable, comfy, flattering short shorts. to be paired with sweet little embellished tanks. i had so much fun picking out which ones…imagining myself, the whole time, walking through the Caribbean on my honeymoon, or paris perhaps (since we’re still not 100% on letting go of paris).

    final pick…shhhhhh!

    that’s all for now. it was one of the most incredible, busy, decision-making weekends of my life. i’m forever grateful to my beautiful family for their love, generosity, and patience 🙂 and also grateful to my new family, too! here are some pics of my time home.

    wes and rhi. he’s a little matthew:)

    i even got to see these munchkins!

    oh, and this weekend is a bridal weekend (aka gaining 5 pounds from eating my mom’s glorious food with a handful of the sweetest, closest girls minus a few i know:) pics to follow!

    happy friday!

    jacq (j didn’t get any input this time:)


2 thoughts on “christian and stuart

  1. Well I think VInce Camuto may have something to contribute… This was a fun day. Jacq, Brenda, Aubs, Mems and Me… poor Mems she was so tired the last 45 minutes she told me at least 4 times..I’m so tired. Not many can hang with these shopping Queens.

  2. Love you Love your blog can’t wait to see you soon! We had a blast. Wesley wanted to buy you a heart pillow for Valentine’s Day…sweet boy!
    So proud of you!
    Aunt Jane

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