So far, so good. Roger, wilco.

This is going by very quickly. I only have e few hours to work on anything, leaving Jacque to get a majority accomplished. It’s funny, ’cause getting the venue and honeymoon out of the way has made for easier sleeps at night; the night we finalized our decision I slept like a rock. The photographer was a breeze.. I think we saw a few photos and we were sold. Our photographer is good. Jacque and her crew know of his work through various other weddings, so it made the whole process that much easier. I almost forgot that the caterer is done as well.. Venue, honeymoon, caterer, photographer. Now it’s time for the Invitations. Augh! I think this is the only part of this whole wedding process that i dread the most. There’s just something about looking at 1,000 postcards trying to imagine my picture with a witty saying on it that get’s under my skin. I’m an artist, I already have a vision for that perfect image, but the invitation companies want to charge me for my personal creativity ten times what a stock image costs. We have had 2 friends take some pre-wedding pics. I get excited for those. In my mind’s eye, I have so many ideas for pics i want to take with Jacque and these two friends have captured some of those in the images they took. My advice for those going through this process, or for those about to enter this sacred bond: get your caterer, photographer, venue, and honeymoon booked asap! This will save you considerable time and energy, as well as 20 other possible honeymoon destinations that could creep in somehow. I just need to slow down maybe and realize that this is going to be a memory associated with all my other wedding memories… Pax Vobiscum.     more soon..


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