weekend trip to mom’s

so. i’m behind. shocker?


ok, so much has happened since j’s last  post. for now, i’m going to update with an amazing weekend, that brought tears to my everlasting smile in my heart. a weekend i will never forget with experiences i can’t wait to share with my children.

5 girls. one small honda. 2 nights. lots of food. so many memories.



feeling so thankful and blessed. not everyone has a momma like mine.

trousseau surprise #2. i mean really. momma is amazing. I pray to be as God-fearing, beautiful, strong, and talented as she is.

and then, there’s these girls. wow. so many years. years of memories. wishing all the beauties were there though:)

momma, thank you for an amazing weekend and memory i will NEVER, EVER forget.

s, lo, deez, and car: i love you and love that we will have this experience.


(photos taken by the beautiful & extremely talented Rhiannon)


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