maybe i was born to hold you

“…maybe i was born to hold you in these arms…” -The Swell Season

there’s this band, swell season. maybe you’ve not heard of them. to me, they’re incredible. something about their soothing tones and captivating harmony that pulls me in. here’s the weird part. i didn’t even know i liked this kind of music before. i really think i just learned who i was about a year ago. and of course, i am still in the process…

it kind of started with a boy. a man rather (he is SO much older than me:) his in depth view of life and self was encouraging. i realized that although i was a thinker and an analyzer (not only for a living:) but didn’t often analyze myself. i feel like i was so shallow before. not really looking or thinking about life. i’m saying these things to say that meeting someone can really change your life. hokey and overused: yes. truthful: yes.

just an fyi, no big deal or anything but, umm…


whoa. big deal. and it’s hitting me. i have to say at this point, i care more about my new life than this one day. while it matters to me and ok, yes, i have had some meltdowns about the wedding, i really want to be an amazing wife. forever. the world’s greatest best friend to one amazing, supportive, kind man.

but you know what? i feel like i have a sense of who i am, now. and a sense of who he is. and an even better sense that this bigger guy in the sky has an amazing journey in the works for us.

i’ve got the moment up next… you know, the moment.



one of my favs


One thought on “maybe i was born to hold you

  1. Wow, I need to keep up I think I’m a few post behind. This time is such an incredible time, a time for inspiration, dream awakening, revitalizing, energizing as well as basking in the love of those who love and who have an opportunity to show it in so many ways. So very proud of the women you are and am very humbled by all that is happening. I wish I could do more, I really really do!!! XOXOX

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