when i knew

and, i remember the moment. i remember. i remember when i knew…

i moved back to bradenton because i thought i wanted to go to med school after undergrad. i lived with my meme and pappy, drove 45 miles to tampa everyday, was getting over a heart break and was at a weird place. i grew so much in that time. looking back I see the growth:) fast forward 6 months… i start working part time at a restaurant where this guy is working pt time, too. he says he works at a radio station. he does a sports show. he’s clearly not athletic though. aaaand i would know this and you would know, i know if you know me. so i was like ok. the first night we met, he trained me on the menu,register,etc. at the end of the night we sat down and talked. and talked and talked. it was a great talk. so open and honest, yet so weird for strangers to be so enveloped in such an intimate talk. then, we hung out… nightly. all hours of the night. watched these weird foreign movies. listened to even weirder music. and had such great talks. amazing conversation. he was incredibly alluring and different from every man i had ever met. confident and aware of his mystery.

then he asked me to dinner. in my typical fashion, i tried to avoid. i was so intrigued by his mystery though that i dealt with my fear and did it. fairly typical first date, for mystery man, but i liked him. i remember saying, over and over again, i really, really like you. why was i saying that? first date? first date stalker girl=me this time. and then we dated. one day he asked for my address. this was so weird to me. my response “you mean my email?” him: “no, like your mailing address”. Uhm, what is this with this guy? Why would he want to send me mail, how weird is that? and that folks, is when i fell in love with mail. (more on his mail later:)

a few months later. i left his house one afternoon. got to my dad’s ( a 2 minute drive) sat in my car a minute and realized.

really? this is it, isn’t it? how did i not see it or notice? that day in the car i realized he was all i ever prayed for in a man. the things i prayed for that i didn’t even know i wanted. but it was things i wanted deep down. an intellect. an artist. a sports enthusiast. and a passionate man for God-like real passion and interest for God. not just, born-in-church-i-am-what-i-am. but a seeker. he was as curious a person as me (! that’s hard to do:) AND he wanted to travel the world. WITH ME!!

hoping to go here  one day. to see his roots.



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