Our favorite old people

a few years ago we were in this amazing house church/community group. our group prayed for old people. that’s right, you heard right… Oldies. and, guess what? it happened. through a series of random online searches, this quirky man was found. we then found out, he started a church with his wife. we we’re in the need of a church and boom- just like that- it happened.

we visited the church and loved it. genuine. that was the word that just kept coming to us. these people were just very real. well, add 2 years and here we are. they’ve turned into our favorite oldies. i mean really- they rock.

they’ve been doing our pre-you’re making a big decision are you sure- counseling. and in 75 days, they’ll wed us as one.

literally, we couldn’t imagine any one else doing this. they know our ugly insides and real attitudes and have cared about us anyway. its amazing.

in the end, i think it’s safe to say, we agree all of you should go find your favorite oldies. pronto.


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