4 weeks from this past sunday

really, it’s almost here?

it’s trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and i woke up this morning with a kind of semi-heart attack.

crap. i forgot some things that i really need to get done. BUT, i’ve been doing other stuff and just forgot. terrible, terrible me.

but, let’s talk about this day that happens 4 weeks from this past sunday.

well, we know where we’re getting hitched (mixon’s in the grove) and by whom (steve & ernie simms) we know what we’ll be eating (surprise) who will be capturing the moments (CassieK Photography) and now thanks to your lovely RSVP’s we’re beginning to know who will party with us and what music will play! woo hoo!


so…………………………………………..be ready.

to love.laugh.cry.dance.smile.jump.and, do the obligatory cha cha slide.

my lovely fiance says about my stress and seriousness: “why be serious, when you can laugh?”…

ah, God gave me him for a reason 🙂 maybe he’ll help me slow to wrinkle?


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