randomness + special wishes

  • there have been some incredible people in our lives. this year, so far, has been amazing. it’s incredible how people have reached up, out, and into us. thank you, thank you, thank you. gracias y merci! those little words don’t quite express what we feel, but we appreciate you each so much and are in love with this time of our lives.
  • God surely knew what he was doing when he whispered j was the one:)
    • exhibit 1: while i was off having a shower in florida and a bachelorette the next weekend, j was working all day then…packing my room, moving/loading all by himself, unpacking, then organizing and cleaning my stuff!?!!
      • YES, that’s all true!
    • exhibit 2: he’s neat. and by that i mean, not only is he cool and has a brain that works in the most creative ways, but he puts his junk away and is c.l.e.a.n. (i’ll just admit it, he’s cleaner than me)
  • we absolutely adore getting back the rsvp cards. i love the comments, songs,  and super funny/sweet sayings we’re getting!
      • yet, i’m so bummed some invites have been lost in the mail but, i’ll never know whose or how to let those people know they’re invited, because they don’t even know they’re invited so they can’t tell me their invite didn’t come:(
    • and on another note, to my sweet baby brother: all my birthday wishes for you:
      •   i wish today i could wake you up in typical fashion with a big jump on your bed at 6 am.
      • i also wish i could celebrate with you and stuff a little piece of cake in your face.
      • it would be nice on this day to have something to blame on you (like telling mom and dad that it was your mess, or that it was definitely your turn to do the dishes).
      • i also wish i could hear some more of your bashaga, i-lay-it language.
      • and onto a different type of wish:
        • i hope this is the best year of your life. i hope everyday gets bigger, brighter and better. i hope you grow each day into the man you want to be and that your dreams come true. i hope you learn more about yourself and work on being more of who you are: the kindest, most caring, gentle,  most hilarious, and loving brother, son, friend and most important: future husband.
        • i love you matty. you’re my favorite. thanks for being amazing and always treating me like a princess.
          • it’s partly your fault by the way… j has you, dad, mom, and keith to thank for giving me and doing everything for me and creating my inner, whiny princess like needs. now he has to deal with it:)
    • Well, that’s all the tears i can create for today. #sorryboutit. and thanks for reading.

xoxo, jacq

p.s.twenty one.

matty pics bday 5.29.11:  <– click this!!


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