Ok, I’m listening

Kind of anyway…

So, I’m at this camp this week. And I’m working with one of the sweetest little boys you’ve ever met. A heart o’gold, I tell ya! This little nugget wakes up singing! Ok, so today we’re at camp and we’re doing a listening activity: close your eyes & listen to the sounds around you.

Wow. When is the last time that I’ve stopped to listen recently? I honestly can’t tell you…
I thought this would perhaps be the peak of my day. The chance for me to realize what is exactly going on in my (our) life right now.

Well, ok my day got worse. And that ray of sunlight I saw and felt earlier- was and is gone. BUT- here I am. Sitting after a long day that has exhausted me if I’m honest. Not my work, but the amount of emotional energy I have exerted in just the past few hours. I have to say, thank you God for relationships.
Two phone calls later, and I’m better. I think this time I did a better job listening. Here’s hoping…

And for the wedding: At least a lot is planned and done! My wonderful aunt & uncle have put us up in an amazing beachside resort our first night as newlyweds! Words can’t describe just how excited I am for a vacation with j. Well, I’m sure I’ll come up with some and ya, you know… I’ll be sharing them. Thank you so much auntie! You’re amazing:)

And p.s. Did I ever tell you the wedding theme?!? Well time to let it out: vintage romance. So be ready to be taken back & swept away:)


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