what it really means…in 7 days

i, of course, don’t exactly know what it really means. means to be a wife that is…
i have, however, had the chance to see a lot of women around me be a model of a wife.
some have had an incredible impact:)

i do wonder, though, how i’ll be? i think about it a lot. think about what it will be like to take on another name?
not just a new last name, which i’ll have to get used to, but a new title. moving on up from a fiance to a wife.
it also means i gain this new family. i mean how often in your life does one MAJOR decision you make mean that you automatically get to add TONS of people to your circle of life? it’s pretty neat.

i’ve been reading this interesting book called love & respect (http://loveandrespect.com).
the book has been out awhile and i’ve wanted to read it for years. here i am, finally motivated enough to do it ( a little aba for ya:)
it’s making an impact. making me things about how much my words and actions impact others, especially my future husband.
i’m working on it. and i feel i’m getting better. i can tell that this will be a process, but it’s a journey i’m pretty excited about.

j’s passport FINALLY came. we’re pumped. it’s like it’s a pre-paid million dollar visa. we literally feel like nothing is holding us back from our dreams. we so bad want to spend some time living in europe! i personally want to visit all the continents :)!!!
for now, pictures and daydreaming will do…

with him…

let’s go and put these on our table

and then let’s do this

then we’ll decide what’s next…







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