tres, dos, uno: vamos!

i’m home. got here late monday night. with j. SURPRISE Nigrelli’s:)

i have to say, i’m not a fan of road trips. not saying i hate them… i just like to be where i want to be, when i want to be there not neccesarily in 10+ hours  (completely mature, you’re thinking:) . nonetheless, i throroughly enjoyed the time in the car with my fiance. he constantly cracks me up with his extrememly corny jokes and just makes the time fly by.

so now we’re here and have been busy. BUT, it’s not like when we come home for Christmas or Thanksgiving and we’re running around trying to see every living person in our families. this time, we have enjoyed the sun and relished the small moments of floating in the pool with absolute silence. now, those have only lasted for around 5 minutes as it’s not vacaction time, yet:)

today begins the serious busyness so i’m up early, and getting ready to go. everything is arriving today and everyone by tomorrow. the parties start tonight: pool, then bachelor/bachelorette friday, saturday rehearsal , then sweet, precious union and THE BIG ONE on domingo!

i’ve said this before but, just to echo it again: one of the best parts of this process is being with my family and spending so much time with new family! it’s be surreal. i love that all these people will gather with us saturday and sunday night to celebrate our love?!!? are you kidding? how blessed are we?!?

ok. i’m done with the mush. off to get our marriage license and  uh hmm…waxes. scared? YES!

ahh, the view i’ve been loving this week


memes, pap, mackie, lollipop, and the Blakes get here today! woooooo hooooooo!




4 thoughts on “tres, dos, uno: vamos!

  1. yes so much is happening so do enjoy this once in a life time experience. I’m loving the extra family time as well. Wishing we all lived just around the corner from each other….

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