and just like that…


this past month has been incredible. to think that one month ago, to this hour, i was becoming a wife and even better best friend to a man that would become my husband, is an incredible thought. it’s so crazy to think we picked, and planned, and primed a whole day that becomes essentially the biggest dinner party you’ve ever planned, and then…just like that: it’s all done.

you know, i am really happy that it is what it is. we have pictures, memories, and the pounds (we can thank our all inclusive honeymoon:) to prove it was a beautiful experience. but, what’s even better is that it still continues. we can still have dinner parties, plan fancy food menus, and frolic around the world like two lovebirds.

so, i’m excited about the now. and i’m trying to think about being in the present more and actually seeing it as a gift. when it’s good, it’s good and i think, that there’s room for more gratitude of the right now than i give it.

leaving  you with a few photos.

wedding peak


jmn 🙂



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