music in the living room

and on this night, we lived in a room with great music.

so…my bff, maid of honor, incredible heart and love for life little lands (that’s my nickname for her:) threw this amazing house show. amazing. 

it is what is sounds like. musicians playing in a house. in a living room. seriously, an incredible experience. it was just that everything was so pure and in it’s simplest form and i’m really starting to be about simple. something lands has been about for a long time. i know this sounds weird but that night i was more proud of her than ever before. she has done many, many amazing things, trust me. it’s just that this touched so many people and was something she did for others to be heard. it was so cool.

and greatestnewsever: it’s happening every month. so come over, sit, & listenawhile…

here’s a few we heard…

Carolina Story: folky & amazing








Richard Jordan acoustic + pop

the beautiful host herself…

music makes us smile.



One thought on “music in the living room

  1. Awe chachi, I’m glad you guys enjoyed it- I definitely want everyone to hear J’s music!! I’m so proud of you too- you make such a difference in the lives of kids everyday- I really felt power in your prayer today at church. Love u bean.

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