you’re so pretty

i’m listening to a little Gustavo Santalallo tonight ant thinking about an article I read by Lisa Bloom. it’s got me thinking…

it’s about little girls and their self-perceptions. wow. it’s intense, saddening, but honest.

true life: when i was little, i remember people saying all.the.time. i was pretty, beautiful, adorable, etc. i mean they did. no lie and no boasting, either. just remembering. specifically, all of my dad’s co-workers. they were busy and over-worked homicide and undercover agents and honestly, maybe that’s the first and, well, easiest thing to say. i mean just yesterday i met my co-workers two little ones and literally-that was the first thing out of my mouth. of course, internally i wasn’t trying to set them up to be worldly consumed need to impress little one, rather just…polite?

anyway, it got me thinking. i like makeup and clothes, and well most things feminine. and i do care. could what i heard so long ago formed some inner needs i’m constantly longing to meet? i really don’t know. and you’ve been there too. and whether it’s affected us, it’s cause enough to stop and think next time we see those sweet curls wrapped up in a silky heavenly pink bow. thanks Lisa Bloom, i’m challenged. hope you are too.


One thought on “you’re so pretty

  1. That’s so true- I think saying someone is pretty is the easiest compliment because its the first most obvious thing they see but it doesn’t ebcourage girls to feel like they have a deeper value…good point…

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