mountain goat

everyone knows, i love playing twenty questions. there’s just something about learning someone’s life that is mesmerizing to me. tonight, well this week rather, i’ve learned about one hell of a woman (affectionately called mountain goat) and her story, in the memoir “The Glass Castle”. 

have you ever read something so good that you, that you actually become completely immersed in… and end up thinking about the characters throughout your day as though they too, are living in your current world? i have. just did. i haven’t had this feeling since reading jane eyre in high school (the craziness of  post-high school life left me with textbooks and the evil indulgence of the book of faces) where i dreamed i was standing with jane in front of mr. rochester as he proposes.

you know a good book, a really good one, can be like watching an amazing movie. it can l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y. sweeeeeeep you away.

i was eager, angry, overwhelmed, teary-eyed, and overjoyed. this memoir was enthralling. captivating. enchanting. and downright good.

i’m so excited to find my next book. suggestions?

oh, and yes. they start. my question asking. so, indulge me and answer:)


4 thoughts on “mountain goat

  1. Wow you already read it!!! That’s fast, but I couldn’t put it down either… She is a great writer and definitely presented such an honest view of her family….

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