guts and guitars

i’m not gonna lie, sometimes i wonder…what the heck was i thinking marrying a musician? i love science. he loves history. i want to focus on research based strategies and reading journal articles, he wants to read the dictionary and the rock and roll encyclopedia. i want to watch a documentary on vaccinations for young children, he wants to watch the a documentary on Scott Walker (like I even know who that is?) and most importantly, i fall asleep at 9, he at 2…this list could clearly go on. and on. but the point…

we can be polar opposites at times. and, he can drive me crazy. crazier than i thought. wait- who am i kidding, i am crazy. crazy enough to fall in love with my polar opposite and find in him a best friend. a perfect friend. for me.

so then, there is tonight. and nights like tonight where i fall in love with the music man all over again. and of course this happens weekly. and this is just my reminder to myself to once again, be quiet, and just listen to the fingers on the guitar and that sweet voice. so to the jacquelene in 5 years, 5 months, or the next 5 minutes…relax and live in your husbands go with the flow world and just enjoy the music.

thank you jesus for the sweetness that is in my marriage and for giving me the guts to follow my heart to the music man.




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