never in a million years

there comes a time, apparently, when you look outward. out of yourself and into the world…

i haven’t been looking outward. not for quite awhile. well, scratch that. i have been looking out…just not at the right things.

well, with some incredible prayer and peace. j and i have made a decision. a decision that is about the needs of our loved ones.

we are moving to florida. we are. and it’s crazy. i have never.never.never.ever. wanted to move back to bradenton. even more so for my hubs.

in fact, that was our deal. part of what made us, us. we wanted the same thing. and as much as we LOVE our family…we just didn’t feel like bradenton was for us… well, God spoke. through love, logic, and opened doors. i mean, y’all. it doesn’t even make sense…the things that are opening to us are dddddddivine. opened only by and through Him.

well, there’s so much more to say. we’ve got more big news coming…

til then.

all our love,



2 thoughts on “never in a million years

  1. Luv U. Luv your heart. It’s time to grow your roots. Amazed that your journey will continue down here.
    Tia Jane & Fam

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