nine. well, almost ten.

well, nine weeks of ripening and several changes later…

the pinto (as we’ve decided to call it today) has changed from the size of a sweet pea, to a blueberry, to a raspberry, and most recently to an olive.

i sing my praises high for lack of nausea or any sicknesses related to the morning:)

while pinto hasn’t totally changed our lives yet, i am most always researching and learning about the greatest, latest, neatest, research based blah-dee-blahs.

you know, the things they say we’re going to need.

in all this, my hope and goal is directed towards simplicity.

by divine birth i, myself, am not a simple creature so, i aspire to create a little being who will want and be less consumed than i.

here’s daily prayers that pinto will be 🙂



p.s. as soon as i can find an outfit that i want to take pictures in consistently over the next seven months, i’ll share…


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