a year: in review

last year, we were busy.

we had a rehearsal dinner

got married

went on an amazing honeymoon

came back home and had an extended honeymoon 

celebrated our first month together

i became a mrs. nigrelli at school

crazy/weird/and now, so normal…

saw j’s most favorite band ever play a REALLY late night show

(on a school night:)

meme and pappy came by for a visit!

had the most memorable air plane ride home with two besties

to celebrate daniel & molly’s wedding!

we became frequent flyers at house concerts
(something j had dreamed of for years!)

cara got married!

and, we acted silly.

carly, who’s like an older sister, got married.

and was stunning.

we had our first house concert. in our living room.

we celebrated thanksgiving, just us.

we got our first christmas tree.

i celebrated the sweetness of new family…

as my dad married the ever so sweet and perfect for him, Susan.

we celebrated our six  month anniversary with 23 family members at disney world.

laugh so you won’t cry 🙂

we came back to nashville, for work, and had a Christmas for two.

and I practiced tablescaping.

i enjoyed late night serenades by my husband.

we indulged so much that i made us go vegan. it lasted 2 days.

but we did get healthier! 

we moved. into the coolest apartment and neighborhood, ever.

j spoiled me rotten for my birthday.

i started appreciating small things.

like snow dusts on our new porch.

his truly creative nature came out with incredibly thoughtful gifts.

j played where 6 months before we saw his favorite band.

a cool moment.

birthday boy got baseball happy.

we took the bus on downtown dates.

it made me happy we lived in a city, yet yearn for more city life.

and then: the best and scariest news of all: the pinto. <– that’s a link 🙂

thankful for our blessings.

we have so much.



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