well, 15 weeks later and there’s definitely a bump.

the good news with bumps: it no longer can be confused for an incredible beer gut.

for all you readers dying to know…

morning sickness? zero.

nausea? zilch.

cravings? lemony desserts. soda. anything carby.

mood swings? pre & post. aka always. 🙂

and in summary: i’ve cried more than ever before.

i have to say, i don’t see a glow yet. but i don’t hate pregnancy. not at all. the most annoying part has been this kind of bad aftertaste i get in my mouth sometimes…and sometimes i’m queasy and emotional (not like nausea) but in the sense that the only thing that will make me happy is you’ve got mailor julie & julia with  a side of alfredo rigatoni.

so, that’s all for now.

for your viewing pleasure…please enjoy my husband doing his best job to capture  a photo of me and pinto:)




look how the pinto grew from just 2 weeks ago…

13 weeks




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