twenty-two, tumbles and all.

so, i must say it gets hard to remember that a tiny, adorable, & little nugget kicking and tumbling all around is normal. it also must be said, that to me, these are treasured moments. it’s like secret momma and me time. something that no one else on earth will ever get to share with pinto. and whenever i say something opinionated to j and pinto kicks, i let j know that means the babe agrees with me : )

i’m blessed. pinto might be an active kicker or a tiny dancerina but certainly hasn’t caused one ounce of morning sickness, nausea, or anything. and as much of a blessing as that is, i find myself getting more and more excited to eat up that sweet baby face and for it be to “time”. it also doesn’t hurt that things i once frequently enjoyed (sandwiches, sushi, and vino) can come back into my life : )

if that face isn’t edible, neither is chocolate




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