twenty-three, synonymous with…


so, it kind of just hit me recently. ow! this actually might hurt. i mean, why the heck didn’t that cross my mind before? mmm, probably because God’s timing is best and He knows when i’m ready to hear something. and wouldn’t you know, just as the fear starts to settle in one, of my besties, over at his girlsent me an incredible article?! you see, she gets me. and she listens to the big guy. not only that, i’m a research, left-brained gal and legit sources of info are totally up my alley. again, she gets me. and so does my guy up there.

 and it’s a fo sho thing that now was the timing for me to read and hear this. #timinglikewhoa

privacy: labor style.


it’s less about the article. and more about the timing. the article meant a lot, but letting go of my fear, meant more.

it’s incredible how faith works…really, just believe. don’t stop. that’s all there’s to it.

so to my little sugar snap, your mama hopes you’ll learn the first time: let it go.    he’s always got our back…if we believe. side note, your karate chops or frequent Pliés  at this moment, say you agree : )



p.s. for you mamas, how do you feel about the article? read and comment back!



2 thoughts on “twenty-three, synonymous with…

  1. Good job. Remember, “fo’ sho’ ” and the like should have apostrophes, “’cause”, too; any shortened words like that. Your substance is beautiful! Xoxo

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  2. J. You are a brilliant and sweet girl and i love you. This article sounds like a commercial for a home birth. If you go to the hospital please see it as what it is…a modern place to have a baby, with all that implies. Intrusive, yes. Busy, yes. Able to save you and or your baby if the crap hits the fan, yes. I have delivered patients who have been dropped off at the emergency room by their midwife after pushing for six hours. I strongly advise against that. If you go to the hospital please dont villify it and dont allow anyone else to do that for you as that will only set you up for disappointment. Expect intrusion and technology. Being the intelligent verbal woman that you are, modify it as best as
    possible. People expect perfect outcomes when they go to a hospital but they also want that to happen magically with no monitoring or “intrusion”. Really? I have every reason to believe that you will have a beautiful birth. Pain meds or not. Epidural or not. Vaginal birth or not. Focus on the fact that…when the baby is born, you will see God that day! Promise 🙂

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