a cheerful chill.

i don’t know what it is, but there is something about fall.

i’m giddy, eager, and ready for each day. there is little that could swipe away my inner grin. nostalgia immediately permeates my being with even subtle changes in temps. i may have not experienced this growing up, but pinto sure will.  something about the true crunch of the leaves and the crispness in the air…it’s like there’s a scent and sound to fall–it’s all so much, so grand, and so good.

i’m so thankful for days like these. pinto, sugar, i hope you’ll find the time to relish these sweet littles, too. we’re so thankful for your health, your 10 toes, your adorable nose, and sweet little lips. be warned: i’m gonna eat your face up : )

these little things make me grin.

fall benches 





cities, reminding me of memories and great movies (who doesn’t love You’ve Got Mail?!!!!)









and while not a little thing, presents in the mail, particularly pertaining to pinto sure do create an easy  heart grin. 








and, i’d be a fool to say clothes don’t do it to me every time : )

(last pic photo cred: the sartorialist)


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