the first man.

he tells me everyday i’m the prettiest girl.

he’s proud of everything i do.

he cries every time i leave home.

and he makes me laugh hysterically.

he’s my dad.

my dad has a way of making you laugh, encouraging you, and believing in you.   he’ll also let you know the safest place to park at the mall, he can tell you all the latest crime locations to avoid, and will remind you tenbazillion times before you leave his presence to “know your surroundings”. funny dad

he’s helped kids get off the streets and into sports (football of course 🙂 and he’s changed a young girl’s life by helping her have the courage to commit to her pregnancy. he’s not only loved on our family, but has encouraged, challenged, mentored, and just down right changed the lives of many. he’s known for his heart. he’s built a legacy already and i’ll forever be proud to be his girl.


and if you know him, you know he has these sayings. and of all those silly things he’s said a thousand times over the years, the one that rings truer now than ever before is “you’ll understand one day, when you have kids”

well, daddy, i do. and i’m incredibly thankful for you, who are are, and what you stand for. your heart and love for us is mighty.

tonight as i fed my baby boy, i looked into his sweet, peaceful eyes and i told him all  about our sweet family. i cried as i thought of how truly blessed we are. not only to have such an incredible poppa, but the warmth and love of an amazing, kind, and generous family. thank you Lord, my well and o

happy birthday, poppa.

all my love,

your little girl, jacq

p.s. thanks for teaching me how to love my                                                                                 little O : )

p.p.s just for fun, our little nugget

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