becoming me.

so clearly, it’s been a while. a long while. and i’m thinking, it’s time. time for me to get back at this blog/writing/getting-it-out-of-my-head-thing.

i’ve realized that it’s time to work on my everyday. can i just let this out for a minute? my day gets lost in things too often that do NOT matter. repeat (mainly for my self) do.not.matter. (e.g. FB, IG, the twitt, asos, and clearly i could go on)

i found this quote. and i like it.


and, i’m thinking about saying something. making it blog official.                              aka, commitment. something i tend to haaaaate.


i’m going to blog daily. gulp. ya, i just think i need to. i like doing it, and i want to do it. so why not. i feel like the honest i can pour forth, sometimes, can maybe help someone else know they are not the only one.

but, let’s start small. for now, expect a blog each day for the next week. so, it’s wednesday night…that means until next wednesday. we’ll call it 7-for-7.                      7 blogs for 7 days. #747

i have five fingers, like you too (i hope) and i use those to keep track of my day. there are five things/areas i like to complete everyday

1) reflection/prayer time 2)quality time with J. 3)quality time with Ollie        4)efficient house and professional work 5)exercisio, aka getting my butt active

i just feel better when i’ve, at the least, spent 10 5 minutes doing each of the above.

at some point, i’ve gotta grow up and let go of this little girl that gets lazy and become the wife and mama i envision in my mind. baby steps, i know. it’s for no one else but me, but by supporting myself in the ways i know possible, i’ll be able to pour out a deeper love to all around me. and honestly, that’s all that matters.

join me? i’d love to keep up the challenge with others!

here’s to being who we want to be. errday.

xo,                                                                                                                                                       jacq


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