the real deal.


let’s get real, y’all. life is not an instagram pic. and life, just doesn’t come with 1-touch filters that instantly make life cropped, vibrant, or trendy.
i, unfortunately, sometimes,  measure my day, mommahood, abilities, schedule, food,  etc. with others and their pictures. i mean, come on. that’s dumb. it’s a picture! a fleeting moment…and, one that someone most likely rehearsed to get perfect. 
pictureperfect that is. sorry I just had to.
so, in my effort to get real with my 7for7 challenge, here’s the real pic roll.
here is the evolution of picture taking with a my-mama-is-crazay baby boy.

laughing first…

Slash he might be kind a scerrrred.

then smiling. because that’s our favorite.

with a slice of appeasing mama, again, as she tries to get the perfect picture for the umpteenth time. 

and finally, over it. nothanks alldone wheresmypaci getmeouttahere

oh and yes, btw, after i ask ollie questions, i respond for him too. momzimdunzo
seventeen pics later and we’ve yet to get a good, not fuzzy shot. and that’s gonna have to be ok. my husband says sometimes you just gotta be in the moment, not the camera.
wise words, hubs. i’m working on that being in the moment and relishing it thing. 
over and out. thanks for reading. love to hear your thoughts.

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