two teeth + seven months

being a mama is hard, y’all. Fo realz. it can be isolating and challenging. you get left out of things, forgotten & overlooked. and are now not just the married friends, but the ones with “kids”. it’s a season that really no other experience can prepare you for. but each day, good & hard ones, brings a depth and beauty so rich that the dirt weighing down the day (sometimes literally) makes it so much more than worth it. i’m daily showered with warmth and strength that is revitalizing. 
i’m constantly amazed that even when I think im dunzo and have no more, nothing, not an ounce left to give, that a glimpse of this boy, our boy, can remedy my pity and energize my bones.
the point is, our boy is 7 months. and, he’s perfect. 
we’re blessed with more than we deserve.
it’s so cray. it really does happen fast, y’all.

i mean, those little toofs.
almost crawling.
he can’t get enough of standing. crawl before walk? maybe not for this bug.

i mean…what can I say? we’ve got a cute one here.

oh, Ollie boy. you bring us more than we could’ve ever, eva imagined. you continually remind me of miracles and true beauty as you show me what this world and our journey is all about. you da best!
keeping it up, yo!

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