my main squeeze

over the past few months, i’ve watched my husband push and fight towards his career dreams.  after trying for so long, it happened. the doors opened. i’m talking like swung open. WIDE. and, he has like the coolest job.  but I think i’ve got the best seat in all of this…i’m thoroughly enjoying watching him from the sidelines:) 
there is some kind of special something that happens when the one you love, loves their everyday.
::that has been our mantra this year::
i have to say, the more you believe: the more you’ll receive. kitschiknow itworks    jesusisthereasonforournewseason
art by Michael Mullen  
here he is, my guy. circa 08. {was my first pic of him!}

747! what what! been keeping it up…minus last night when hubs tucked this tuckered mama in early…like before 9. lame i know…but, it happens.

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