to.2.too.4uboo. to my numba one homeboy, so fly lova, & only boo: two more days till’ our titles change just two more sleeps before we do this thang and two more days ‘for we exchange dem rings i still remember our first too when i replied it back to you them three little words were super sweet […]

tres, dos, uno: vamos!

i’m home. got here late monday night. with j. SURPRISE Nigrelli’s:) i have to say, i’m not a fan of road trips. not saying i hate them… i just like to be where i want to be, when i want to be there not neccesarily in 10+ hours  (completely mature, you’re thinking:) . nonetheless, i throroughly […]

Ok, I’m listening

Kind of anyway… So, I’m at this camp this week. And I’m working with one of the sweetest little boys you’ve ever met. A heart o’gold, I tell ya! This little nugget wakes up singing! Ok, so today we’re at camp and we’re doing a listening activity: close your eyes & listen to the sounds […]

Not too many

Well, it’s getting really close. Thankfully almost everything is done and coming together. J & I are just finishing our methods and products of showing gratitude to our unbelievable family and incredible friends. We hope our gifts will achieve that. Well friends, I’m in NC for the week spending time with my favorite little 11 […]

randomness + special wishes

there have been some incredible people in our lives. this year, so far, has been amazing. it’s incredible how people have reached up, out, and into us. thank you, thank you, thank you. gracias y merci! those little words don’t quite express what we feel, but we appreciate you each so much and are in […]

4 weeks from this past sunday

really, it’s almost here? it’s trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and i woke up this morning with a kind of semi-heart attack. crap. i forgot some things that i really need to get done. BUT, i’ve been doing other stuff and just forgot. terrible, terrible me. but, let’s talk about this day that happens 4 weeks from this past […]


i’m just saying… it’s only 39 days away. check this: make sure your speakers are on 🙂 this weekend: shower #2, finalizing flowers, spending time with family, cake tasting eating :), and soaking up some florida sun! woo hoo! can’t wait to get married! can’t wait to begin a new journey! and seriously, can’t […]

wow + tears

this weekend (our first shower:) was amazing. i mean amazing. i mean i don’t know what or how to say the things inside my heart. i don’t know how we’ll ever say thank you. or thank you enough. or express the thankfulness we feel deep down in our hearts. i can’t even find j+j stationary […]

little things

i know you hear it all the time. but, sometimes it’s true. it is the little things… they make you smile. these are the things making me smile right now: thoughts & dreams about living in nyc: and europe 🙂 biking in the city: nashville festivals & centennial park: spring dresses: gardening: and of course, […]