two teeth + seven months

being a mama is hard, y’all. Fo realz. it can be isolating and challenging. you get left out of things, forgotten & overlooked. and are now not just the married friends, but the ones with “kids”. it’s a season that really no other experience can prepare you for. but each day, good & hard ones, […]

a year: in review

last year, we were busy. we had a rehearsal dinner got married went on an amazing honeymoon came back home and had an extended honeymoon  celebrated our first month together i became a mrs. nigrelli at school crazy/weird/and now, so normal… saw j’s most favorite band ever play a REALLY late night show (on a […]

and so this is…Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving grateful. for this… daddy meeting his soulmate the welcoming of a new Mallol (bonus-i got another sister:) beautiful smiles and welcoming hugs of incredible children that i get to teach, nurture, and love on always and forever, my family the continual, incredible and unbelievable love of a husband that cannot appropriately be expressed […]