becoming me.

so clearly, it’s been a while. a long while. and i’m thinking, it’s time. time for me to get back at this blog/writing/getting-it-out-of-my-head-thing. i’ve realized that it’s time to work on my everyday. can i just let this out for a minute? my day gets lost in things too often that do NOT matter. repeat […]

mountain goat

everyone knows, i love playing twenty questions. there’s just something about learning someone’s life that is mesmerizing to me. tonight, well this week rather, i’ve learned about one hell of a woman (affectionately called mountain goat) and her story, in the memoir “The Glass Castle”.  have you ever read something so good that you, that […]

music in the living room

and on this night, we lived in a room with great music. so…my bff, maid of honor, incredible heart and love for life little lands (that’s my nickname for her:) threw this amazing house show. amazing.  it is what is sounds like. musicians playing in a house. in a living room. seriously, an incredible experience. […]