the real deal.

   let’s get real, y’all. life is not an instagram pic. and life, just doesn’t come with 1-touch filters that instantly make life cropped, vibrant, or trendy. BUT… i, unfortunately, sometimes,  measure my day, mommahood, abilities, schedule, food,  etc. with others and their pictures. i mean, come on. that’s dumb. it’s a picture! a fleeting […]

becoming me.

so clearly, it’s been a while. a long while. and i’m thinking, it’s time. time for me to get back at this blog/writing/getting-it-out-of-my-head-thing. i’ve realized that it’s time to work on my everyday. can i just let this out for a minute? my day gets lost in things too often that do NOT matter. repeat […]

a cheerful chill.

i don’t know what it is, but there is something about fall. i’m giddy, eager, and ready for each day. there is little that could swipe away my inner grin. nostalgia immediately permeates my being with even subtle changes in temps. i may have not experienced this growing up, but pinto sure will. ¬†something about […]

a year: in review

last year, we were busy. we had a rehearsal dinner got married went on an amazing honeymoon came back home and had an extended honeymoon¬† celebrated our first month together i became a mrs. nigrelli at school crazy/weird/and now, so normal… saw j’s most favorite band ever play a REALLY late night show (on a […]

and so this is…Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving grateful. for this… daddy meeting his soulmate the welcoming of a new Mallol (bonus-i got another sister:) beautiful smiles and welcoming hugs of incredible children that i get to teach, nurture, and love on always and forever, my family the continual, incredible and unbelievable love of a husband that cannot appropriately be expressed […]

mountain goat

everyone knows, i love playing twenty questions. there’s just something about learning someone’s life that is mesmerizing to me. tonight, well this week rather, i’ve learned about one hell of a woman (affectionately called mountain goat) and her story, in the memoir “The Glass Castle”.¬† have you ever read something so good that you, that […]

you’re so pretty

i’m listening to a little Gustavo Santalallo tonight ant thinking about an article I read by Lisa Bloom. it’s got me thinking… it’s about little girls and their self-perceptions. wow. it’s intense, saddening, but honest. true life: when i was little, i remember people saying all.the.time. i was pretty, beautiful, adorable, etc. i mean they […]

Ok, I’m listening

Kind of anyway… So, I’m at this camp this week. And I’m working with one of the sweetest little boys you’ve ever met. A heart o’gold, I tell ya! This little nugget wakes up singing! Ok, so today we’re at camp and we’re doing a listening activity: close your eyes & listen to the sounds […]