a year: in review

last year, we were busy. we had a rehearsal dinner got married went on an amazing honeymoon came back home and had an extended honeymoon  celebrated our first month together i became a mrs. nigrelli at school crazy/weird/and now, so normal… saw j’s most favorite band ever play a REALLY late night show (on a […]


to.2.too.4uboo. to my numba one homeboy, so fly lova, & only boo: two more days till’ our titles change just two more sleeps before we do this thang and two more days ‘for we exchange dem rings i still remember our first too when i replied it back to you them three little words were super sweet […]

randomness + special wishes

there have been some incredible people in our lives. this year, so far, has been amazing. it’s incredible how people have reached up, out, and into us. thank you, thank you, thank you. gracias y merci! those little words don’t quite express what we feel, but we appreciate you each so much and are in […]

my adulation of beautiful her

she is strikingly beautiful has an honest tongue like you’ve never heard will love you mightily with a strength to ruin Goliath she will welcome all your dreams and encourage all your wants enough to propel them forward she’s on your back until you’ve checked them off and even if you fail she’ll still be […]