two teeth + seven months

being a mama is hard, y’all. Fo realz. it can be isolating and challenging. you get left out of things, forgotten & overlooked. and are now not just the married friends, but the ones with “kids”. it’s a season that really no other experience can prepare you for. but each day, good & hard ones, […]

the real deal.

   let’s get real, y’all. life is not an instagram pic. and life, just doesn’t come with 1-touch filters that instantly make life cropped, vibrant, or trendy. BUT… i, unfortunately, sometimes,  measure my day, mommahood, abilities, schedule, food,  etc. with others and their pictures. i mean, come on. that’s dumb. it’s a picture! a fleeting […]

small packages

**updated** sorry for the faulty link, dearies. they say great things come in small packages… well, a little over a year ago I got a super special present in a beautiful, black box. i guess that boy meets girl, falls in love, gets married, and has ??? maybe it’s true?! unexpected as it may be, […]